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x-quickapk is a GNU/linux tool for building APK packages from RFO-BASIC! sources.

x-quickapk  was greatly inspired by QuickApk for Windows by Nicolas Mougin.

x-quickapk is released under GNU/GPL license.

Read NOTICE inside source package for included tools licenses.

x-quickapk needs:

* Gambas 3
* Java JDK 1.7 or OpenJDK-jdk 1.7 (jre is not sufficient)

x-quickapk was written using Gambas QT components. If you run x-quickapk under a GTK desktop environment,
please run qtconfig and select GTK as theme. x-quickapk will look then as a GTK program.

To build an APK from your RFO-BASIC! program do:

mkdir foobar

cd foobar

mkdir source
mkdir data
mkdir databases

Copy all your basic files to "source" directory
Copy data files needed by your App to "data" directory
Copy databases (if any) to "databases" directory

At the moment, making data and databases folders is mandatory,
even if your program does not need data files or databases.

WARNING: x-quickapk uses openssl to encrypt your keystore. If openssl
is missing, keystore password is saved CLEARLY in $HOME/.config/gambas3/x-quickapk.conf

From command line run:  ./x-quickapk

or you can click the binary icon.

Options for command line:

-debug Save all source files, builder-error.log, x-quickapk.project to $HOME/appname-debug_date_time

-version Print x-quickapk version 

-nobt Don't check versions on bintray.com

-xfce Useful if you run x-quickapk on XFCE 

-help Show options

Configure your App. GUI should be intuitive.

x-quickapk screenshot

Download source
: xqa-20150515.tar.xz
Source md5sum: e36ec39f8dc7a8527a045cc3203a1ec6

To compile, do:

tar xvf xqa-20150515.tar.xz (some old tar could need option J)

cd xqa

sh build.sh

Questions, comments, bug reports ---> rospolosco at tiscali dot it

x-quickapk author: Stefano Palmeri